CVT Proficiency

Vocational Training Center

Since the end of 2016, Advanced Project Consulting Ltd. has owned a Vocational Training Center (VTC) Proficiency, licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) with license No. 2016121343. It specializes in providing vocational training in the field of tourism and, more specifically, hospitality and business administration.


The mission of the Vocational Training Center Proficiency is to provide quality vocational training under the National Education Standards and the needs of the labour market. The main objective of the Center is to help those who wish to acquire initial qualifications in a profession or a part of a profession and to improve its quality through continuous mastering of modern professional knowledge, skills and good production practices.

In addition to vocational training in the licensed professions, the Centre provides training in all key competencies and validation of professional knowledge and skills. Part of the VTC Proficiency portfolio is providing corporate training in the hospitality industry in the country and abroad, in line with the latest trends in business.


Leading competitive advantages of the Vocational Training Center Proficiency are:

The Centre maintains partnerships with high-category hotels and restaurants where the trainees' production practice takes place. It aims to place the trainees in real conditions where they can acquire knowledge about the organisation and technological processes in the hotel and restaurant industry.

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