Advanced Project Consulting Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, delivering:

  • vocational training in hospitality,
  • corporate management, control and consulting of hospitality businesses,
  • development and management of EU financed projects,
  • and more...

We help hospitality workers in reaching their full potential, perfecting their skills and techniques or career paths through:

  • vocational qualification courses,
  • personalized training,
  • practises, consistent with contemporary workforce requirements.

Additionally our services include:

  • developing and implementing rules and standards for sustainable hospitality processes;
  • custom trainings upon specific trainee goals in hospitality;
  • разработваме стандарти и оперативни процедури, които се прилагат на място и спомагат за по-доброто управление и функциониране на собствеността.

Накратко, ние допринасяме за по-доброто представяне на бизнеса, чрез подобряване на основните и допълнителните услуги, за добавяне стойност на фирмения продукт.